Alicante is a very well-known city primarily because of Alicante airport through which many of the visitors to the Costa Blanca arrive. Alicante has one of the three international airports that service the Costa Blanca.

Alicante is also the capital of the Costa Blanca although it has quite a small population of approximately 300,000.
Strangely enough, most people arrive at Alicante airport and then head out of Alicante at the first opportunity, strange because there are many attractions of the city in particular Alicante has some of the finest beaches in the whole of the Costa Blanca. Alicante is the busiest of the three hubs on the Costa Blanca, Valencia Airport, Murcia Airport and Alicante Airport provides the gateway for tourists and locals arriving on the Costa Blanca. Of these three airports Alicante Airport is the busiest owing to the diversity of flights, destinations and carriers it has on offer.

By road, boat or plane. Any means of transport is suitable to get to this city called City of Light. With more than 3,000 years of history, patent in the remains left by different civilizations, the capital of the Costa Blanca offers the most varied landscapes and the most enviable contrasts. A cultural city with wide parks, gardens and a city centre with lots of businesses, Alicante also enjoys good night-life. Furthermore, its fine sand beaches count with multiple services. And it goes on improving! Alicante keeps up its efforts in order to increase the number of projects held and the illusion to maintain itself, as always, as a tourist destination par excellence.